21st Century Logging

 The logging industry, just like many other industries, has been  criticized and attacked for many, many years. What is  being shared is full of misinformation and untruths.  We, and others like us, believe there must be solid partnerships between those in the logging industry and the natural resource conservationists.   Along this vein, we have always been advocates of the logging industry by being partners with trade associations, speaking to the public, supporting legislation, and participating in groups that share in beliefs of sound forest management.  

 In 2011 we felt compelled to share our perspective in hopes that it would be used as an education tool to tell the other side of the story. The story encompasses the  utilization of our nation’s  natural resources, the benefits of proper forest management, and the highlighting of new logging technologies.  More importantly, the major reason for producing this video was to emphasize  that the extreme, widespread and devastating forest fires of today can be managed differently and made more manageable.
We appreciate you taking the time to view our video "Logging in the 21st Century - The Rest of the Story".  Please feel free to send comments to us at info@rrconner.com and to SHARE it with everyone you think has an interest to learn a logger's perspective. After all, we in the logging industry make our living in the woods and feel that we are some of the true Stewards of the Forest. 
Warm regards; Ryan and Robin Conner
Owners, R&R Conner Helicopters